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A Bit About AnnMarie (Updated June 2010)

Name: AnnMarie (yes, that's my real name!)

Age: I've just recently hit the big 4-0. Still trying to figure out how I feel about that, but I'm not one of those chicks who lies about her age, so there ya go! I'm really just a big goofball, so I don't really feel any different about me or my life than I did many years ago... which is great! :)

Location: north of Boston, MA

Feelings on being a fat girl: I am perfectly happy and content with who I am, and I enjoy living in my body. Being a fat girl all of my life has made me who I am today, and I like me a lot! :) Being big in society isn't always easy, but I think with every smile and nice conversation I lend to a stranger, I'm being a good will ambassador for fatland. It's nice to let people know that pretty, fat, nice, smart, and confident can all be in the same package. I try to live that everyday. :)

Education: I have me one of those! BS in communications to be exact. (I retained the BS part. :) )

Likes: Travel (CA and Vegas are my faves), alternative music, taking rides, dinner out, time with friends, TV addict (lame, huh?), WoW (hi, I'm officially a nerd), people watching, swimming, good movies (crime dramas, psychological thrillers, oddball comedies), comfort food, pudding, Mexican food, tiny food (bites!), snacks! (see my wishlist if you feel like contributing to this very worth cause).

Dislikes: Smoking (but I somewhat tolerate it in others, I won't go ripping one from your paw), raisins, pearl onions, licorice, riding in the backseat (I get sick), people who are downers for no good reason, most seafood, twitchy people, intolerance, bigotry, to name a few.

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